Since 2013, we have been at the forefront of the effort to reconnect humanity to the universal Prophetic Teachings that provide light on the path of life. Through events, programs, courses, retreats and publications, we’ve been actively offering a lifeline to thousands of people around the world who are seeking meaning, hope, and purpose and who have been struggling to find it in other contexts.

My motivation to practice my faith had been dwindling for a few years. Somehow, I couldn’t find anywhere the spiritual nourishment that my heart was craving. I was feeling empty and was looking to experience the connection to Allah that I had felt so strongly when I converted. The Rhoda was the answer to my prayers. It was like a heavenly breath bringing me back to life.
I also found a loving sisterhood and community where diversity is seen positively and is contributing to the richness of our global Muslim sisterhood and brotherhood. I could not imagine my life without the Rhoda Institute, its teachers and the beautiful community it serves.
— Stéphanie Pitre
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Our approach

What we offer to each person who interacts with the Rhoda, whether in-person or online, is three interwoven tracks of development:

  • Consciousness development (‘Ilm)

  • Personal development (Tazkiya)

  • & Community development (Daawah)

which lead, on a global level, to three imperatives of our time:

Shifting paradigms - correcting our diluted perceptions and tainted understanding of sacred concepts;

Forging authentic culture - developing a culture that is robust enough to fulfil the need of the human being for fellowship with others, celebration of important occasions, and the beauty of daily life and doing this against the current of modernity and plasticity by creating art and traditions that anchor Divine Truth in formats that can be easily grasped by the layperson; are in harmony with our environment, our past, and our future; and are practical and easy to pass on to the next generation;

Building the healthy Muslim personality - providing the elements needed for a Muslim personality that is balanced, resilient, and reflective of Prophetic morality, and that is ready to shoulder the individual and communal responsibility to leave a positive legacy for future generations, so that we can fulfil God’s Call to be an honoured community, at the service of all humanity.

What We've Achieved

  • 50+ hours/week of free spiritual, family, and marriage counselling

  • Sustained connection for millions worldwide through live-streamed weekly classes in three languages and via our Youtube channel

  • More than 1500 people/year served through in-person and online programming during Ramadan and Eid, including free meals & daily classes

  • Five publications that have been distributed around the world, on important topics in Islamic discourse.

  • Yearly retreats with international participants

  • Over 2000 children served through programming such as Letters to the Beloved, Zidney Ilma School of Character, & the Rhoda Children's Choir

  • 7 different types of programming for youth at risk

  • 100+ workshops and wellness events offered per year for people of all backgrounds.

  • A highly-successful third space run by the Rhoda: the Lotus Community Corner

  • Our programs are a point of return for the UNMOSQUED, helping those who had given up on the Muslim community find a place they belong.