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There is a saying in Arabic: health is a crown on the head of a healthy person, that only a sick person can see. If you've ever been sick for longer than a week, you know this to be true...you've felt it.
If you have ever experienced depression or anxiety, you know it that much more acutely.
Health is so important - physical, mental, and of course, spiritual.

IT'S TIME - It’s overdue!
As Muslims, we come from a rich heritage that supports good health and our Beloved Guide taught us that for every illness and dis-ease, God has provided a cure.
Our Beloved Teacher, may the light of God continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, encouraged us to visit the sick, telling us we would find God there with them.
Muslims were the first to establish hospitals - and one of the first hospitals, in Damascus, shows how Muslims thought about healing. That hospital had a garden, with much greenery. Anyone walking in for treatment would be immediately assigned an entire team to look after them: a general practitioner, a nutritionist, a psychologist, and a shaykh. Today's research backs up this approach: when a person in need of healing is able to have an entire team support her in the different facets of wellness, positive outcomes are far more likely to be maintained from any one therapy received. It’s time we revive this model, it’s time we take our place in the healing arts.
What’s even more inspiring about early Muslim healing models is that there was no stigma around receiving help for mental health issues; Muslims were the first to recognize that mental health was a thing. Today, we have lost this ease of approach and we are suffering greatly for it.

We have so much to offer an aching world. And healing needs to be part of community, and healing takes place best in community, not in isolation or as a burden carried only by individuals or families, not as a stigma. It’s all our concern. And it’s okay to admit you have a need and to expect that your community support you in that need. After all, the Prophet - may the light of God continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him - said: Muslims are akin to a living person. When that person feels pain in one eye, for example, the entire body feels it. When that person suffers from a headache, the entire body is aware and feels the pain. As a result the whole body focuses to repair any deficiencies, coming to the aid and support of any one part.

Early Muslims refined an entire field of study about the use of music therapy to heal the sick.
We have so much to revive in our way of healing ourselves and our community members, and so much to share with the world.
It's time we revive this holistic approach to healing and well-being.
This impetus is what lies behind our new project, the Rhoda Masjid and Spiritual Wellness Centre.
We can't afford to turn away those in need of support on their journeys to better mental health, nor can we ignore the role that mental illness plays in people's lives and how it affects their participation in family, community, and society. We must be here to support and welcome and make the journey easier.

Our new project will support our community in its need for the best in counselling and alternative healing therapies as well as preventive education about health and wellbeing. We are putting together an amazing team of counsellors and social workers as we speak.
Our new centre will include a greenhouse garden that enhances health all year round, especially needed in our cold winters that leave many feeling low. We'll also have an art and music studio as well as a gym that offers a variety of physical health programming especially for seniors and other vulnerable populations.
And add to this, the powerful healing that comes from being part of a welcoming community and supported by spiritual guides and regular prayer practices that are accessible to all.
This is a model for the future. This is a model that takes the successes of our community building at the current Rhoda Institute to the next level.

Will you be an investor in this amazing groundbreaking centre of excellence in Canada's capital? I honestly want you to be part of this for you...because it is a truly amazing project that will transform lives. I am sharing it with you the way I would share news about a free and beautiful opportunity to someone I love...wanting for them that they gain the benefit and barakah of it.

The Rhoda team invites you to offer a donation or an interest-free loan that will enable us to bring this vision to life.
May God Most Loving, the Ultimate Healer, inspire you to be generous, and may He reward you and bless you.

your sister in faith
Shehnaz Karim
Rhoda Masjid and Spiritual Wellness Centre