Here's a small sampling of the Rhoda’s areas of focus:



Some powerful work has been done by our Founder Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa in building important bridges amongst likeminded people of heart and people of faith and people of good faith. We encourage you to read this beautiful account of Shaykh Hamdi’s bridge-building with a Christian Father, whose monastery lies in the heart of Quebec. The Rhoda has been able to host events like the International Day of Prayer for our Children, with guests from the Hindu, Jewish, and Christian faiths. We continue to respond to invitations to be part of such bridge-building work and to host events at the Rhoda on a regular basis, events that allow people of all backgrounds to come together in meaningful ways that go far past the empty debates of what was once called ‘interfaith.’


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A Holistic Curriculum for the Muslim of Today

One of the greatest challenges faced by the world is access to the Teachings of the Last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (may the light of God continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him) in a language and with explanations that allow those Teachings in all their wisdom and illuminating beauty to be admired, absorbed, and embodied. The Rhoda provides classes that aim to pave the way to this connection between the human being of today, and the Teacher of all times, the Apostle Muhammad. We do this through actively translating sacred text, providing classes to explain and comment upon teachings, and by publishing articles and texts that explain commonly misunderstood concepts such as ‘jihad,’ peace, and justice.




Reinforcing our Commitment

Our legacy is determine by the actions we take today. Nothing could be more important than providing our children a loving and supportive foundation on their journey of life. Our Children's Zidney Ilma Program which runs throughout the year on weekends, and during the week in the summer, has changed the lives of children and their families. 


The new Rhoda will see the expansion of our children's learning programs to include a full-time homeschooling coop. Contact us if you are interested in being part of this pilot project.

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Community development

Re-establishing our role as community stewards

It is necessary that those who study at the Rhoda take the wisdom and insight they have gained, and engage in personal development to become better people. One of the best ways to undertake the project of personal development is within the larger project of community development. Rhoda students serve others via our third space project, the Lotus Community Corner, which is the locus for the development of a healthy community. It is here that free workshops and programs on well-being are offered, along with the opportunity for people of all backgrounds and faiths, and those of good faith, to meet and discover one another’s beauty.